'Edu' tweets: PNoy and Grace Lee on a date

Jonathan de Santos
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

Did the President attend to affairs of the heart when he should have been working on affairs of state?
In a tweet supposedly by actor Edu Manzano, President Benigno Aquino III was "spotted" on a date with radio jock Grace Lee at Promenade in Greenhills Thursday.
“To be fair, it is a nice day for a leisurely stroll,” @RealEduManzano said. It is yet unclear whether Edu Manzano, actor and defeated vice-presidential candidate, owns the account.

But Lee, whom the President has been dating, tweeted she was in Makati all afternoon.
Malacanang was also quick to deny that the President was out on a date. They said Aquino had been in a board meeting of the National Economic and Development Authority since Thursday morning.
Edwin Lacierda, Presidential spokesperson on Twitter dismissed the supposed spotting as mere “tsismis”.
Could the President have stepped out for lunch and some quality time? That would be impossible since according to Deputy Presidential Abigail Valte, Aquino was in the State Dining Room.
“He didn’t go out. He had lunch with the (NEDA) board,” she said.
Deputy Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Eloisa Sy also chimed in, saying the President was in a meeting. “Are you sure about that Mr. Manzano? Did you see him with your own naked eyes? Or am I working with a spirit here?,” she said.
@RealEduManzano later tweeted a clarification: “Pnoy was not in Promenade with Grace Lee today. It was unconfirmed gossip, and I was overeager. “

"I deserve all the backlash. Lesson learned," he said.
“In local parlance, ‘nakuryente’ ako, and I was foolish to tweet unconfirmed chismis,” he added.
Aquino has been hounded in recent weeks by criticism that he does little as President. This has given birth to the term “Noynoying,” which now means doing nothing.