LG blends smartphones and style with the Optimus L-Style series

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MANILA, August 1, 2012 – In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish one smartphone from another simply by looks. However, for LG—makers of mobile gems such as the Prada Phone 3.0 and the critically-acclaimed Chocolate—looks are as important as functionality during the product development phase. LG aims to stand out from the sea of touch-screen Android handsets by incorporating a unique design philosophy called “L-Style.” Currently encompassing three smartphone models, the L-Style Series incorporates five design elements to create the uniquely fashionable appearance: Modern Square Style to provide both a sturdy and angular, yet sophisticated posture; Harmonized Design Contrast combining a soft casing and metallic accents; Floating Mass Technology to make the slim frame look even slimmer; Seamless Layout to create a neatly minimalist profile; and Sensuous Slim Shape for a sleek look that just grabs attention.

A good smartphone is more than just looks however, which is why LG has incorporated key features that truly make the L-Style Series an excellent choice for the discerning and the demanding. Each model in the L-Style Series features the biggest display in their respective categories—3.2” for the Optimus L3, 4” for the Optimus L5, and 4.2” for the OptimusL7—which makes for pleasurable viewing of text, videos, and images. Moreover, the Optimus L7 takes it one step further with the use of IPS display technology—the same used in the smartphone heavyweight Optimus 4X HD—that features even crisper, more vibrant displays and more natural colors. All models in the L-Style Series have a unique handy feature called QuickMemo, which allows users to instantly write down anything on their screens without having to leave the current screen or opening a separate application.

For smartphones that ooze with style and substance, the L-Style Series models are quite generously priced. The Optimus L3, the entry-level representative of L-Style, comes at only Php 5,390 SRP. The mid-range model, the Optimus L5, is priced at Php 10,990 SRP. The full-featured Optimus L7 is only Php 15,990. And if that wasn’t generous enough, LG Philippines is providing limited-edition accessories for a period of time with every purchase of an L-Style Series smartphone. All models will come with an exclusive original jelly cover, and the L5 and L7 will come with capacitive stylus pens—a perfect companion for QuickMemo—from August 1 to September 30, 2012.

To formally welcome the L-Style family into the Philippines, LG Philippines will launch a 360-degree campaign that covers print, television, out-of-home, and digital media, as well as the aforementioned jelly cover/stylus promo. In addition, LG will also be setting up L-Style Zones in LG concept stores nationwide, where people can walk in and experience L-Style for themselves. On Facebook, LG Philippines is currently promoting the Optimus L7 as part of the QuickMemo Event. This can be found at the official LG Mobile Philippines fanpage.

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