1,000 job vacancies available in Mandaue

OVER 1,000 job opportunities are available in Mandaue City.

Mandaue City’s Public Employment Services Office (Peso) head Musoline Suliva said there are industries opening their doors to new employees.

In the transportation sector, Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI), operator of Ceres buses, is looking for around 300 drivers and conductors.

He said VTI will prioritize displaced jeepney drivers.

Some supermarkets, production industries and construction agencies also tapped the Peso to announce their job vacancies.

Suliva said any person can apply if they see themselves fit for the jobs’ qualifications.

He said the Peso also has job opportunities for nurses, accounting officers and office clerks, among others.

He encouraged interested individuals to visit their office located on the third floor of the Mandaue City Cultural and Sports Complex.

Applicants must bring their bio-data or resume.

Suliva emphasized that applicants will have to observe social distancing and wear face masks at all times while inside the Peso.

He added that it will be better for applicants to go to the Peso first for a preliminary interview and employment training before they proceed to the company for the formal interview.

The Peso personnel will conduct employment training to teach applicants what to do and say during an interview.

Based on his experience, Suliva said there were applicants who were turned down from a job because they wore slippers to the interview. (KFD)