10 cyclists apprehended for not wearing masks

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TEN bicycle enthusiasts were apprehended by the police for not wearing masks, a violation of safety and health requirements amid the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

The violators were flagged down in Talisay City on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2021.

Three cyclists were caught outside a roadside store, while the rest were caught while pedaling their bicycles.

They were in addition to the 63 persons police apprehended since Thursday, Jan. 28, for violating community quarantine protocols.

Lt. Roberto Barnido Jr. of the Talisay City Police Station said the wearing of masks in public spaces is a must in the city. No one is exempt, he said.

He said police operatives have been ordered to apprehend all those caught violating this directive, including cyclists.

However, Barnido said cyclists are allowed to take their masks off if they’re going uphill.

In April last year, Mayor Gerald Anthony Gullas issued Executive Order 19, which required the wearing of masks in public areas to prevent the spread of the disease. (BBT / KAL)