100-Year-Old Messi Fan Shows Off Handwritten Log of Superstar's Goals

A 100-year-old grandfather, Hernan “Nelo” Mastrangelo, proved himself to be an especially devoted fan of legendary Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi in a video shared to social media by his grandson.

Julian Mastrangelo shared video to Instagram introducing his grandfather as Messi’s biggest fan, showing handwritten sheets noting Messi’s goals, more than 730 in total, a log that Nelo has kept meticulously for years. Without a smartphone or computer, Nelo records Messi’s stats for each game, calling his grandson when he is unable to view matches himself to ask how many goals his favorite player netted.

The elder Mastrangelo shows the camera a magazine with Messi on the cover and a headline reading, “Nacido por el gol,” or in English, “Born for the goal.”

Mastrangelo celebrated his 100th birthday on Sunday, July 11, Julian told Storyful. Credit: Julian Mastrangelo via Storyful

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