105 Central Visayas cops recommended for dismissal for criminal, administrative violations

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AROUND 105 policemen assigned in Central Visayas have been recommended for dismissal from the service after they were proven guilty of criminal and administrative charges.

Some of those recommended for dismissal from the service were involved in various cases including illegal drug use, violence against women and children, among others, said Brigadier General Elizalde Quiboyen, chief of the Regional Internal Affairs Service in Central Visayas (RIAS 7).

Quiboyen said that aside from those recommended for dismissal, around 205 police officers assigned in the region were also recommended for suspension from their duties while 31 others were recommended for demotion of their current ranks due to various wrongdoings.

But Quiboyen said police officers who are recommeded for dismissal, suspension or demotion can still make an appeal before the National Police Commission.

Quiboyen warned police officers who are under investigation that they face the possibility not only of being dismissed from the service but also of the potential loss of their salaries and benefits for at least a year and the opportunity to be promoted.

He urged police officers to do their job in accordance with the law and avoid doing deeds contrary to their sworn duty.

Quiboyen also urged high-ranking police officials to advise and watch out for their subordinates, especially if they are caught committing criminal and administrative violations.

Brigadier General Roque Eduardo Vega, chief of the Police Regional Office 7, had earlier warned that he would not hesitate to reprimand erring policemen, but he was willing to honor those who performed well.

Quiboyen said that aside from his office, at least two other units under the Philippine National Police (PNP) are tasked to investigate police officers who are accused of criminal and administrative violations.

Aside from RIAS, the Discipline, Law and Order Section 7 and the Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division 7 are tasked to investigate and sanction police personnel.

Up to 21,000 police personnel across the country have been dismissed from the service from 2016 to 2022 for various cases such as illegal drug use and domestic violence, among others.

Nearly 6,000 of them were dismissed due to serious misconduct, almost 11,000 were suspended, and 1,150 were demoted. (AYB / TPT)

[Editor's note (5/22/2022): An earlier version of this story stated that the 105 cops were dismissed, instead of being recommended for dismissal. This has been rectified.]

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