12 armed individuals rob 2 homes in Toledo City

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TWELVE armed robbers, two of them women, forcefully entered and robbed two houses in Sitio Tipolo, Barangay Bato in Toledo City, Cebu late Tuesday evening, June 22, 2021.

They walked away with various items, such as jewelry, gadgets, and cash owned by three women, collectively worth at least P300,000.

The robbers were riding two four-wheeled vehicles and three scooters. With faces covered with masks, they entered the houses by threatening the homeowners.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Junnel Caadlawon, the first house they entered is owned by Marvie Candol, 31, who has a live-in partner.

The robbers told Candol to open the door. When they entered, they grabbed her bag that contained only P200.

After, they went to the next house where Christine Brusas Amodia, 34, who has a live-in partner, and Sherilyn Delposo Amodia, 27, married, are residing.

They also told the pair to open the door, but the homeowners refused. This prompted the robbers to break one of the windows to enter the residence.

They took the cell phones, tablets, rings, bracelets, and necklaces of the owners.

Then the robbers sped away along the national highway. (GPL)

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