13 times Love Island's Amber and Ovie were the friendship we all deserved

Naomi Gordon
Photo credit: ITV2

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Love Island's Ovie and Amber go together like bread and butter, peas and carrots, and Michael shouting "That's just CHILDISH!"

But now that new bombshells India Reynolds and Greg O'Shea have entered the villa, could their coupling be coming to an end?

Might Amber take Michael back, or will she choose smooth rugby star Greg? Has Ovie had his head turned by India?

Photo credit: ITV2

Fans have become as attached to Amber and Ovie as Tommy has to Ellie-Belly, and despite the pair being just good friends, most viewers would love to see them together in the final.

While we await their fate, we celebrate the couple's unwavering friendship and most heartwarming moments. Let's face it, there have been a few.

No, you're crying... Heck, we're all crying!

That time they communicated through secret signals

When Ovie was the only Islander who defended Amber and caught her tears

When Ovie put Michael in his place in a constructive fashion on Amber's behalf

Without even being asked *cough Maura cough*

When Ovie did a supportive hand grab

More than once

When they started mirroring each other's expressions

When he makes her laugh

And even Michael can't block it out

When he got so excited about Amber's date he drowned out Michael's poor Greggs gag

That look

That kiss

When he comforted AND listened to her at the same time

And a bonus... Doesn't he looks great in red?


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