132 Filipinos repatriated from the Caribbean to arrive tonight

MANILA, Philippines — 132 Filipinos affected by Hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands, Saint Maarten and Anguilla are on their way to the Philippines.

They will arrive tonight together with  four members of the Rapid Response Team from the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC who helped in rescuing the affected Filipinos.

The Filipino repatriates voluntarily enlisted themselves to temporarily return to the country.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) continues to coordinate with Philippine Embassies in hurricane-affected countries to ensure that the repatriated Filipinos can still return to the calamity-hit areas the moment the situation there returns to normal.

“Because they have existing contracts. So most likely since these are British and US territories., their contracts would specify for their return to their place of work. So we will assist them in making sure that despite the circumstances their terms of their contract will be honored by the employers when the reconstruction is finished,” said DFA Spokesperson Robespierre Bolivar.

None was killed due to Hurricane Irma. However, Philippine embassies continue to monitor the possible effects of Hurricane Maria that is currently wreaking havoc in areas hit by Irma.

The Office of Migrant Workers Affairs vows to immediately coordinate with embassy officials if other Filipinos in the affected areas need to return home.

“The qualifications is for them to contact the embassy by whatever means if they are Filipinos. If they repatriated even there are documents or not exactly complete we give them travel documents and other documentation to make sure they have safe passages through the country’s,” DFA-Office of Migrant Workers Affairs OIC Exec. Director Raul Dado said.

Affected Filipinos seeking repatriation may call the Philippine Embassy emergency hotline or email them at  consular@phembassy- us.org or send message to their social media accounts. – Aiko Miguel | UNTV News and Rescue 

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