All the best memes from the Great British Bake Off final

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The Great British Bake Off is back for another year, filling every Tuesday evening with a healthy dose of baking envy and some hilarious one liners from Noel Fielding, Sandi Toskvig, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood.

As usual, each week the contestants face a signature bake and a technical challenge, before being asked to create a showstopper on a theme. And as well as some serious tasty baked creations, the Channel 4 show also always delivers some excellent memes. Here are some of our favourites:

Week 10

It's the Great British Bake Off final! We were equal parts happy and sad for the final episode of the show, which saw Steph, Alice and David tasked with making brilliant chocolate cakes in the signature, twice baked cheese soufflés in the technical, and a showstopping illusion cake in the final round. And while David was crowned the winner of GBBO 2019 (spoiler alert but also YAY), the real win was the memes. Here's the best ones from the final:

When fruit and pudding shouldn't mix

When Alice's parents make no sense

When your schedule has been thrown into disarray

When past Bake Off contestants got together to watch the final 😭

When Sandi and Noel need occupying

When standards have been raised for good

When Michael was distracting

Week 9

Semi. Finals. Week. Ahead of the Great British Bake off 2019 final next Tuesday, th remaining bakers were challenged with patisserie week. In a signature bake which involves created a delicate dome tarlet with a glazed finish. The technical round tasked the bakers with making 'croquembouche', which the Showstopper meant creating a. sugar-glass display cabinet containing something special to the baker. It was a good week for Alice, who was named star baker, while Rosie was sent home. But enough of that, are the best memes:

This whole Twitter account

When the contestants paid a sweet tribute to Henry

When you're still missing your faves

When you're not sure the technical challenges are a real thing

When you're heart broken

But mostly back to this

Week 8

It's quarter finals week! And as well as Henry and Alice potentially giving fans the romance they desire, viewers were treated to Pastry Week. In it, bakers had to create a savoury tart tatin during the signature bake, a Moroccan spiced pie in the technical, and a show-stopping three tiered pie for the final challenge. And while Steph was named star baker once more, we had to wave goodbye to our face Henry. And yeah, you can imagine how well it went down -

When you're just over it all

When the result hits you hard

When you just want to stay in bed forever

When adulting is hard

When you're still not over Jamie's injustice

When it's kind of predictable now

Week 7

Hello and welcome to Festivals Week, the very confusing theme of week seven of Great British Bake Off. In it, the remaining bakers were tasked with festival buns in the signature bake, Sicilian cassatelle as the blind bake, and a Sarawak celebratory cake as their showstopper. Yeah, we didn't know what any of those were, either - but at least the memes were good.

When Michael summed up our dating life

When it hits you right in the feels

When you're so sad about the result

When your reality isn't the same as the expectation

When Prue was loving the innuendos

Week 6

Week 6's theme was Dessert Week, which is undoubtedly a firm fan favourite where we come from. The signature bake involved making a perfect meringue cake, while a celebratory bombe dessert was the brief for the showstopper. And while Steph was named star baker for the third week running(!), we waved goodbye to Priya. Here's what viewers had to say about the whole thing:

When Steph didn't get what she deserved

When you're emotionally invested in the bakers

When you can't get over last week's result

When the contestants are too pure for this world

Henry wore the sweetest tribute to one of the dumped bakers on his jumped, and fans were loving it.

When Priya's showstopper looks familiar

Week 5

Week 5's theme was the Roaring 20s (side note: what?), which meant the remaining bakers were tasked with making custard pies, Beignet souffles with a sabayon for dipping, and a showstopping cake inspired by their favourite cocktail. It was also double dumping week, as viewers waved goodbye to (spoiler alert!) both Michelle and Helena. Needless to say, the memes were inspired:

When you're not happy with who went home

When your meme couldn't be more topical if it

When Noel found his soulmate


When Michael just knows

When you still can't get over last week's decision

Week 4:

When the nation just couldn't accept Phil getting the boot

When viewers finally realised what a babe Michael is

When Brexit ruined GBBO. DAMN IT, BREXIT!

When you were done with responsibilities

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When all of the maids of honour tarts were so incredibly bad

When Henry's face became iconic

Week 3

When you promised to never forget Paul and his majestic lion loaf

When we STILL missed Jamie and his garbage bakes

When you forgot for one second that Michelle was Welsh

When we were all fed up of Prue being a big baby

When we were all enamoured with how spooky-kooky Helena is

Especially Noel

Week 2

When Jamie got the boot and nothing in life made sense anymore

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When Henry had only just taken his Eleven Plus

When Prue had her first cheeky Nandos

When the fig rolls weren't actually that appetising

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When you didn't know Alice had lived in New Zealand (except, you did)

Week 1

When the sugar house collapsing was a metaphor for your life

When you gain a Michelin star overnight

When a cake is compared to your dating life

When you've got your priorities right

When it's the thought that counts

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When your tagged photos look a little different

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When you're finally content again

Ahh, GBBO. It's good to have you back.

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