16 interns in Region 7 pass DA’s mentorship program

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SIXTEEN interns in Central Visayas have been officially admitted to the Mentoring and Attracting Youth in Agribusiness (Maya) program by the Department of Agriculture (DA) 7 to participate in the DA’s campaign for food security.

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, the DA introduced the 16 youths who are graduates of agriculture and related courses. Seven of them are from Bohol while five are from Negros Oriental and four from Cebu.

They will undertake a three-month internship program beginning March until June of this year with a monthly allowance of P20,000.

The DA 7 said these interns will undertake two tracks of the mentorship program.

One is the employment track, where they will be trained to ensure a continuing pool of human resources and understudies for DA’s succession planning. They will be deployed in the DA7 regional office.

The other is the entrepreneurship track, where they will be trained to become future agribusiness entrepreneurs.

For the employment track, they will adopt the office practices for office work, and for the entrepreneurship track, they will undergo hands-on activities like buying, selling and actual processing, among others.


“At the end of their internship, they have the option to either join as a regular employee of the DA or embark on their preferred agribusiness enterprise,” Secretary William Dar said in an earlier report.

“That’s the goal; we need to build up the future human capital of Philippine agriculture in the bureaucracy. If they choose to open a business, they have to present a business plan and we will give them a loan under Kapital Access for Young Agripreneurs (Kaya),” the DA chief added.

The Kaya loan program offers zero-interest, uncollateralized loans of up to P500,000, payable in five years. (JOB)