18 families from village in Minglanilla evacuated

AT LEAST 18 families in Minglanilla town in southern Cebu were advised to evacuate due to possible landslides in Sitio Napo, Barangay Guindaruhan.

Minglanilla Mayor Rajiv Enad ordered the preemptive evacuation of the families following reports from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB)-Central Visayas that soil movement has been noted in the area.

“Clear and present danger to the residents along the foot of the affected slope as heavy rainfall could trigger a landslide,” MGB said in an advisory that was published by the local government of Minglanilla.

Myrrha Daven, head of the Minglanilla Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO), said that as of Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the families that were told to evacuate have been transferred to a safer place in the town.

She said the type of soil in Barangay Guindaruhan is “clay,” which easily softens and cracks especially during heavy rains.

Daven said they are also checking the situation in the nearby village of Manduang.

“Lain-lain sad nuon, mag depende sa portion kay naa man sad ta’y yuta diri nga gitawag nila og anapog, unya naa sad ta’y klase nga clay. Ang among gikuyawan kay naa sad ta’y klase sa yuta nga mura na siya og grass lang tan-awon, pero tungod sa ka weathered, mora na siya og mangatagak nalang mao na nga mabantayan namo nga ni-erode nang dapita. Among butangan og caution tape aron ma-aware ang mga tawo,” said Daven on Tuesday, November 8.

(We have different types of soil here, depending on which portion of the town. We also have what they call anapog (limestone) and we also have clay. What we are worried about is that we also have a soil that looks like grass, but because it’s weathered, it cracks and erodes. We will put a caution tape so that people are aware.)

Earlier, Enad ordered the DRRMO and Barangay Guindaruhan officials to evacuate some residents, especially those living in flood- and landslide-prone areas due to incessant rains in the past days.

But the DRRMO said some residents have stayed as they have some livestock and poultry animals to attend to.

The local government called on the public to be vigilant especially during heavy rains and report to authorities or concerned agencies any landslide-related incidents. (ANV/LMY)