18 fires struck Cebu City in October; damage estimated at P5M

THE Cebu City Fire Office (CCFO) recorded 18 fires in October 2022.

The biggest took place in Sitio Lucimba in Barangay Pardo where P3 million worth of properties went up in flames.

This was followed by the fire in Barangay Capitol Site where damage estimates were placed at P630,000, followed by the fire in Barangay Tisa where the damage was estimated at P600,000 and the one in Barangay Lahug where the damage was pegged at P231,000.

Two fire alarms involving vehicles were recorded in Barangay Tinago with the damage estimated at P121,000.

The damage to properties in the 13 other fire incidents didn’t exceed P40,000, according to the CCFO.

SFO2 Wendell Villanueva, CCFO spokesman, said the common cause of fire is faulty electrical connection followed by candles that are left unattended.

He urged the public to help the CCFO and the Bureau of Fire Protection prevent fires.

“We all know that our weather has been unpredictable. It’s very hot then it suddenly rains. We must check our electrical wiring for ‘pinched’ or ‘ripped’ wires. If possible, have your house rewired. If we look at the records, the number one cause of fires is electrical in nature. Let’s unplug our appliances if these are not being used,” he said in Cebuano. (BBT / PJB)