2 Asturias municipal workers nabbed over illegal cockfighting

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TWO Asturias municipal employees were among the five individuals who were caught in the act of engaging in illegal cockfighting on Thursday afternoon, July 15, 2021, in Barangay Baye, Asturias town, Cebu.

The police arrested Dominador Lanza Jr., 36, married, a municipal worker of Asturias serving as backhoe operator; Jason Maambong, 33, a municipal worker of Asturias serving as grader operator; Robinson Artajo, 53, married, a resident of Barangay Bairan, Asturias; Lucio Milmil, 80, a widower from Barangay Baye; and Amelito Geraldez, 59, married.

Confiscated from their possession were four fighting cocks and bet money amounting to P200.

Police Major Gilfred Baroman, head of the Asturias Police Station, told Superbalita that they have constantly received reports of the five men engaged in illegal cockfighting.

They went to the area after receiving the latest report and found the five men who tried to flee to no avail.

Baroman said that during work hours, Lanza and Maambong left the heavy equipment under their custody to go cockfighting.

The five men will be charged with illegal cockfighting, a violation of Presidential Decree 449. (GPL)