2 Cebu City barangays seek, destroy mosquitoes' breeding sites

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AT LEAST two barangays in Cebu City have ramped up their cleanup drives to destroy the breeding grounds of mosquitoes that carry dengue, a potentially fatal viral infection.

Guadalupe has brought back the “4-o'clock habit,” which encourages residents to clean their surroundings and check stagnant waters at 4 p.m. every day as cleaning before evening is essential to reducing the risk of contracting dengue, as mosquitoes carrying it are most active at nighttime.

Guadalupe Barangay Captain Michael Gacasan has said they have been searching and destroying mosquitoes’ breeding sites.

As of May 7, Guadalupe had four dengue cases, according to the Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit in Central Visayas.

However, Gacasan said all the dengue patients, all of whom were children, have recovered from the disease.

Gacasan further said they regularly conduct misting in the barangay and educate parents on how to protect their children against dengue.

Destroying mosquitoes’ breeding sites is what Barangay Banilad has also been doing.

Despite having zero dengue cases as of May 21, Banilad Barangay Captain Dennes Tabar said cleaning their surroundings is the best defense against dengue.

Resu 7’s data showed that Cebu City topped other cities and municipalities in Central Visayas by having the most dengue cases—708 cases and 11 deaths from January 1, 2022 to May 15.

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