2 men gun down barbecue vendor

A BARBECUE seller was shot dead by unidentified men onboard a motorcycle on Urgello St. in Barangay Sambag 1, Cebu City on Friday night, Nov. 22, 2019.

Police identified the victim as Juditho Amante, 39, a native of Talibon town, Bohol, but currently residing in the area.

Police Major Elizandro Quijano, Abellana Police Station chief, told Superbalita Cebu that Amante was reportedly cooking barbecue outside his rented home at 6 p.m. when the gunmen, reportedly wearing full-faced helmets, approached him and shot him several times before fleeing.

Amante was rushed to the nearby Cebu City Medical Center where he died a few hours later.

Quijano believes Amante may have been mistaken for a member of a fraternity due to some markings found on his body.

But Amante’s relatives denied the victim was a member of a fraternity, saying the markings had always been there since he was a child.

Quijano said just after the suspects gunned down Amante, a bystander threw a rock at them, forcing the driver to struggle controlling his motorcycle.

Because of this, witnesses were able to get the motorcycle’s plate number.

Police are still verifying the information.

As of now, police have yet to provide an identity to Amante’s killers or the motive for his murder. / BBT / JKV