The new 20-peso coin has just been named a finalist in the International Currency Awards

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Have you been holding on to the new 20-peso coin? Its design has just been shortlisted for an international award.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas announced that the 20-Piso New Generation Currency (NGC) coin has emerged as a finalist for the “Best New Coin or Series Category: Excellence in Currency 2022 Awards” of the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA).

First launched by BSP in 2019, the bi-color 20-peso coin features bronze plating and the bust of Manuel L. Quezon, the first president of the Philippine Commonwealth, on its face.

The Malacañang Palace is featured alongside the BSP Logo and Nilad plant on the reverse side.

The IACA selected its finalists from 39 nominated projects from 20 central banks, three commercial banknote issuers, nine banknote suppliers, and one banknote distribution system organization, according to the BSP.

The winners will be announced on February 22.


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