200 water reservoirs identified

THE Cebu City Agriculture Department (CAD) has started to store water as the summer season draws near.

City Agriculturist Joelito Baclayon, in a press conference on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, said they have identified around 200 water reservoirs, also called water impounding system, in the upland area where they are storing and will be obtaining the water.

A reservoir is a natural or artificial lake used as a source of water.

Baclayon said this has been their project that started in 2019 as a form of assistance from the City Government to the farmers.

The City’s artificial reservoir is a two by two by two square meter-pond line with a pond liner to prevent the water from sipping down.

“This project is a form of assistance the City provided to our farmer individuals and associations to utilize and develop sufficient water sources purposely to support water needs for agriculture and sufficient storage or reservoir intended this coming dry season,” he said.

To date, Baclayon said there are a total of 412 cubic meters of water that have been stored and it is still increasing.

Baclayon said the City is targeting to store more than 5,000 cubic meters of water.

Baclayon has also been closely coordinating with the farmers and has been conducting seminars to discuss matters on farming.

He also said they have ongoing talks with the farmers to discuss crops that can thrive even in the summer season.

For the record, there are around 10,000 farmers in the city coming from the 28 upland barangays. (JJL)