Batch 2000 dumps Batch 2001 by 10

Jonas N. Panerio

BATCH 2000 registered an 86-76 win over Batch 2001L in the 1st University of Southern Philippines Foundation Inter Batch Basketball Tournament at the USPF gym along Salinas Drive on Sat., November 30, 2019.

Marlon Demape led the way for 2000 as he scored 22 points.

In other games, Batch 1992 put down 1994, 89-79, thanks to the impressive performance by Richard Bauzon who scored 30 points to go with his 10 rebounds, two assists and three steals.

Batch 2005 also emerged victorious over 2001L, 94-76, thanks to the efforts of Jong-Jong Gonzales who had 34 points, seven boards, two assists and two steals.

Batch 1998 routed 2001M, 104-66, with Rolan Belotendos scoring 12; 1995 upended 1991, 70-67, with Herbert Bigas scoring 19 and1992 bested 1996, 92-86.