2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S dressed up with Exclusive Manufaktur parts

Jonathon Ramsey

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The last time the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur overhauled a 911 Turbo S, the result was a more powerful limited edition called the Exclusive Series, with carbon fiber racing stripes and carbon wheels. Stuttgart's couturier is at it again with the 2021 911 Turbo S, this time to show off what's possible with off-the-shelf Exclusive Manufaktur components, the same way it did recently with the Taycan's SportDesign Package Carbon.

The makeover begins with a coat of Indian Red paint. As far as we can tell from perusing Porsche forums, Indian Red has a long and convoluted history with, but little difference from, Guards Red. The naming seems dependent on international market, model year, and which Porsche factory built the car. We make the point because the Porsche USA configurator offers Guards Red but not Indian Red. 

The configurator does, however, present the choice of the staggered, center-lock Exclusive Manufaktur wheels that were fitted to that low-volume 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. The rims add $2,490 to the price. Normally painted Platinum Silver, for this application the wheels receive a silver and black finish that could cost more. The exterior comes with additional alterations including black-rimmed LED Matrix Design headlights for $970, clear taillights for $990, and rear side air intakes in high gloss black for $600.

Plenty of Indian Red has bled into the cabin, the hue running along the doors, the length of the instrument panel, and around the center console. That is a no-cost option, which is pretty special from a carmaker that charges $370 for a rear windshield wiper and considers the $900 painted black brake calipers an exterior performance option. There are no such gimmies for the extended red accents in the tachometer ($420) and dash-mounted Sport Chrono clock (also $420). Deleting the "S" logo on the seat headrests in order to put the Porsche crest there requires $290. In case that switcheroo causes occupants to forget the particular model they left the garage with, embossing the center console lid with the Turbo S logo can be done for $340.

Those aren't the only upgrades being prepared for the new GT. Porsche has a new Sport Design Package that comes in two versions. The standard package adds a new body-colored front splitter with side fins, deeper, body-colored side skirts, and an active rear spoiler in a new design with curled-up edges. For buyers who have already optioned the Sport Exhaust that bolts on two large oval pipes instead of the four rectangular pipes, the Sport Design Package also installs a reworked, body-colored lower rear fascia.

There's a high-gloss black version of the same equipment suite (pictured) that paints the center of the front splitter, the side skirts, and extending part of the new rear wing in the shiny black stuff. For cars with Sport Exhaust, that lower rear fascia comes in high-gloss black, too.

Eventually, Porsche says it will offer "a comprehensive Sport Package" that "emphasizes the dynamic appearance" of the Turbo, as if that hadn't already been done. This will gather cosmetic upgrades like special taillights and yet more high-gloss black accents, Dark Silver Turbo S wheels, and a lightweight carbon fiber roof when selected for the coupe.

Finally, we've got a little info on the new Lightweight Package Porsche hinted at earlier this month. Limited to the hardtop bodystyle, Porsche divulged the package lops 66 pounds off the curb weight. The revisions remove the rear seats, swap the front thrones for lightweight, GT3-like full buckets, and reduces the amount of sound deadening in the chassis. Three standalone options come included as well, those being lightweight, noise-insulated glass, the PASM Sport Suspension, and the Sport Exhaust with black tailpipes.

What Porsche hasn't divulged yet are release dates and prices for these latter three makeover possibilities. Concerning the Lightweight Package, since the three standalone options add up to $6,250 on their own, you can expect to spend more than that on the full kit. So stay tuned for more details if you're in the market for a 2021 911 Turbo S — or merely window shopping.

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