2021 Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Mega Gallery | Classics, exotics and so many 'Vettes

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The Woodward Dream Cruise was back in full swing this weekend with a full complement of epic and zany cars, trucks, motorcycles and anything else you could imagine cruising down Woodward Avenue.

Organizers canceled the 2020 edition of the cruise due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but there was no such cancellation coming this time around, even with the Delta variant spreading across the nation. The mostly outdoor event saw scorching temperatures and blistering sun all day long, which appeared to scare away many of the extra-old cars from the 1920s and 1930s that we’d often see trundling down Woodward. However, everybody else seemed to show up in force.

We were there, too, capturing the hundreds of photos you’ll see in our various galleries. Those photo galleries are simply organized for your viewing. Categories include: American cars and trucks, foreign, weird stuff, C8 Corvettes (they’re everywhere) and of course, dogs.

In addition to standing around and photographing the event, we did a bit of cruising and observing. The crowds were thick and plentiful, just as they’ve always been with full grandstands where they were placed along the road. Plus, both Ford and GM were out in force as they were in old times with Chevy at the north end and Ford at the south end of the cruise. Both were filled with throngs of people looking at the various displays and car shows within. Masks were encouraged in these areas, but face coverings were a rare sight to see throughout the day.

Now, time for the cars. You’ll find all the galleries below — let us know what stood out to you in the comments.

American cars and trucks of Woodward

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Exotic cars of Woodward

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All the weird stuff

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Dogs of Dream Cruise

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Foreign Cars of Woodward

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C8 Corvette section

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