2022 Audi E-Tron S priced at $85,895, goes 208 miles on a charge

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After more than a year on sale in Europe, the three-motor Audi E-Tron S is ready to make its stateside debut in standard and Sportback forms. We knew they were coming, but we've been waiting for price and U.S.-specific range details. As to price, the E-Tron S skips the base Premium trim available on the regular E-Tron, leaving Premium Plus and Prestige. That E-Tron S Premium Plus starts at $84,800 before a $1,095 destination fee, for $85,895 before options — exactly $10,000 more than the regular E-Tron Premium Plus. The E-Tron S Prestige runs $90,085 after destination, a $10,700 upcharge over the top trim of the regular E-Tron, its trim name changed from Prestige to Chronos for 2022.

The E-Tron S Sportback starts at $88,495, which is $9,400 than the non-S variant. Move up to Prestige, the difference grows to $10,100, the E-Tron S Sportback costing $93,495.

A 95.3 kWh battery pack fed from dual charging ports serves the entire lineup. As one would expect, the E-Tron S gives up a few miles of range for its performance, EPA-rated at 208 miles compared to 222 miles for the non-S. The Sportbacks are separated by just six miles, the E-Tron S rated to get up to 212 miles on a charge versus 218 miles on the non-S.

The payoff for losing a few miles comes in looks, handling and speed. The body is about two inches wider thanks to a quartet of chunkier wheel arches, these being the only S models in Audi's entire portfolio to go widebody compared to their standard equivalents. Unique bumpers front and rear offer a ton more sporting style than before. In fact, they make the E-Trons look a lot more like gas engine vehicles with the number of perceived openings and venting going on up front. That black grille on the blue E-Tron just ups the aggression even more. The rear of the E-Tron S is less smooth than the standard E-Tron with a number of creases and elements jutting out, all lending to its sportier character.

The specs justify the aggro. We already broke down details here, the summary being that buyers get a combined 429 horsepower and 596 pound-feet of torque in sedate driving. The two independent rear motors provide most of the locomotion, the front motor not going to work until acceleration and handling demands require it to spool up. Then, the standard adaptive air suspension, front brake-based torque vectoring and rear mechanical torque vectoring, and standard 20-inch wheels manage hefty hustle. A driver-controlled boost mode can go beast mode for eight seconds to serve up 496 horsepower and 718 pound-feet of torque. Audi says 60 miles per hour happens in 4.3 seconds, with 130 miles per hour the electronically limited terminal velocity.

An optional Black Optic package opens access to 21- and 22-inch wheels on summer tires, but range takes a beatdown when so equipped. The E-Tron S with the Black Optic gear is rated for 181 miles on a charge, the E-Tron S Sportback with the package is limited to 185 miles.

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