2022 Dodge Durango Mopar Edition hits the floor at SEMA

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The Stellantis SEMA news spout isn’t closed yet, and this time it’s all about Mopar. Today, we present to you the 2022 Dodge Durango Mopar Edition. It’s essentially a regular Durango R/T that’s been worked over from head to toe with Mopar parts. Instead of just being a concept like the other Stellantis reveals for SEMA, though, you’ll be able to buy this Durango.

All the Mopar exterior changes are fairly obvious at first glance. It gets an offset blue stripe that runs front-to-back, blue badging (including a Mopar grille badge) and blue Brembo brakes. You’ll be able to have it in either DB Black (pictured) or White Knuckle paint. Aesthetics aside, being a Mopar, performance is what we’re most concerned about.

A number of Mopar parts are tacked on at the factory to make this Durango a little more fun to drive than your standard R/T. SRT active dampers are supplemented by a Mopar 1-inch lowering kit that Dodge says improves handling. It also adds an electronic limited-slip differential and rides on 20-inch black-painted wheels.


Don’t expect this Mopar Edition to be any quicker in a straight line, as it’s still rocking the same 5.7-liter V8 as the regular R/T. Mopar has added a re-tuned SRT exhaust to make it louder, but no power increases are being touted by Dodge.

You won’t forget that you’re in the Mopar Durango once inside the beast. It’s rocking leather and suede seats with tons of blue accents and stitching. Plus, all the seats have a Mopar logo embroidered into their backs. The blue stitching extends to the doors, instrument panel and center console. The dash features a Mopar serialized badge to denote this model’s build number — Dodge/Mopar is only building 250 of these special edition Durangos. To top it all off, this Durango also adds Mopar pedals and Mopar floor mats.

If you want this super-Mopar Durango, Dodge says dealer orders will open in the first quarter of 2022. Deliveries will then start in summer of 2022. The package will add $3,995 onto the price of a Durango R/T.

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