2022 Ford Mustang GT500 Heritage Edition honors 1967 model

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It's time for another new Mustang model year, and that means new special editions. This year, the added special editions are for the top-rung 2022 Ford Mustang GT500, and the more entry-level EcoBoost Premium coupe and convertible. The former is more historical, and the other is just a generally stylish add-on, though with some retro touches. And they'll both be available to order next week, with deliveries in the spring.

We'll start off with the 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition. It's a pretty simple package, as it boils down to a paint color (Brittany Blue) and stripes (in Wimbledon White). It's meant to evoke the original 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustangs. Besides the stripe color, customers can choose between vinyl stripes or hand-painted stripes. The former get both over-the-top stripes and side stripes, whereas the painted option gets just the top stripes. They come with a massive price difference, too. The standard Heritage Edition with vinyl stripes is $2,140 on top of the GT500's $77,260 base price (including destination fee and Gas Guzzler Tax). The painted stripe version is $12,140, plus the base price.

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On the topic of paint, the GT500 gets another exclusive color option. It will now be available in Code Orange, which is shared with the F-150 Raptor and the upcoming Bronco Raptor. No pricing has been given for the paint, yet.

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This brings us to the Mustang EcoBoost special edition. It's called the Coastal Edition, and it's arguably a more comprehensive addition to the car than the GT500 Heritage Edition. Included are 19-inch machine-finish wheels, rear side scoops, a spoiler, vinyl side stripes and illuminated sill plates. All of this costs $1,995 and can be added to coupe and convertible versions of the Mustang EcoBoost Premium trim, which starts at $33,420. And like the GT500, order books open on Nov. 15, with deliveries coming in spring 2022.

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