2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E gets battery capacity bump

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A month ago, Ford Mustang Mach-E lead engineer Donna Dickson swung by former Ford engineer Sandy Munro's vlogging studio to chat about the electric pony. The most exciting news she shared for Mach-E owners was that Ford had "range-improvement actions coming in for '22, we have more coming in for '23, and more coming in for '24." The Mach-E Forum got hold of an order guide for the 2022 crossover which shows the usable battery capacity goes up slightly for the standard and extended-range packs. The guide indicates the standard battery's current usable capacity rises from 68-kWh to 70-kWh, the extended range increases from 88-kWh to 91-kWh.

Total battery capacity is thought to remain the same, at 75.7 kWh for the standard range battery and 98.8 kWh for the extended-range unit. Using more of that energy would be expected to translate into slightly more range for all models. While we wait for the EPA to weigh in on precise figures according to its EV cycle, forum members did some math on the possibilities, estimating range bumps from six miles to ten miles. Their numbers are:

  • SR AWD goes from 211 to 217 miles

  • SR RWD goes from 230 to 237 miles

  • ER AWD goes from 270 miles to 279 miles

  • ER RWD goes from 300 miles to 310 miles

  • California Route 1 RWD goes from 305 miles to 315 miles

There are a few more changes throughout the lineup. First Edition buyers will be disappointed to become just one of the many as Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat and Grabber Blue Metallic will expand their availability to every Mach-E, except those optioned with the Ice White Appearance Package that Ford revealed in August. Also outside, the free colors Carbonized Gray and Iconic Silver go away next year, while Iced Blue Silver Metallic joins the paint menu.

The California Route 1 will get an all-wheel-drive version, and heated front seats and steering will be standard. Those options are part of the $2,300 Comfort/Appearance Package available on the entry-level Mach-E Select, but can't be optioned on the 2021 California RT 1. The Mach-E Select, conversely, loses the option of the Comfort Package.

Order banks for the 2022 Mach-E are open, the CUV starts down assembly lines on November 29. Head to the Mach-E forum to see the order guide and what's in store.

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