2022 Genesis GV70 Luggage Test | How much cargo space?

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The 2022 Genesis GV70 has 28.9 cubic-feet of cargo space behind its raised back seat. On paper at least, that makes it one of the most voluminous compact luxury SUVs, falling just short of the segment big boy, the Acura RDX (29.5 cubic-feet when you don't count its under-floor storage and 31.1 when you do). However, considering that the GV70's two primary competitors, the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC, suffer from questionable cargo capacity measurements (BMW effectively exaggerates its space, while Mercedes understates it), showing how much stuff actually fits is all the more helpful. So let's get to it.

Here is the cargo area. Though notably deep for a compact SUV, I could immediately tell that its raked roofline would likely make loading more difficult and the amount of useable space less than what the specs would suggest. This was certainly the case with the Audi Q5.

Note that my test vehicle did not include a cargo cover, but judging by how low it's mounted, I doubt much would fit below it. This is in contrast with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which has such a tall cargo area that removing the cargo cover really isn't necessary.

As with every luggage test, I use two midsize roller suitcases that would need to be checked in at the airport (26 inches long, 16 wide, 11 deep), two roll-aboard suitcases that just barely fit in the overhead (24L x 15W x 10D), and one smaller roll-aboard that fits easily (23L x 15W x 10D). I also include my wife's fancy overnight bag just to spruce things up a bit (21L x 12W x 12D).

As it turns out, it's indeed a weird space that requires some creative packing. For instance, I had to slide two of the roller bags laterally into the recesses between the C and D pillars to make all the bags fit, while also putting the biggest bags on their bellies. Above you can see the two Tetris formations I came up with.

Nevertheless, the fact those recesses exist at all is notable, since it indicates just how deep and useful this otherwise oddly shaped space is. Not only did all the bags fit, but there was an abundance of space left over as you can see above.

Furthermore, this is what it looks like when you fully recline the back seat. The fancy bag no longer fits, but the rest of the biggest bags still do with a usable amount of space still remaining.

Ultimately, I'd judge the GV70 as having a slightly above-average cargo space for a compact luxury SUV. You can see how it compares with others in my previous luggage tests of the Audi Q5, Acura RDX, Mercedes GLC and Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

One final little tidbit: the GV70 has basically the same liftgate opening mechanism as a Porsche Macan. It is a button hidden on the base of the rear wiper arm. This is a clever way to avoid putting an unsightly button somewhere on the hatch or putting an opening latch way down low with the license plate.

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