2022 Land Rover Defender V8 to start at $98,550

Byron Hurd
·2 min read

Land Rover has announced U.S. pricing for its 2022 Defender lineup, including the brand-new V8 model. The short-wheelbase Defender 90 V8 will start at $98,550 (including $1,350 for destination); the long-wheelbase 110 V8 will start at $101,750.

The rest of the lineup sees some pricing adjustments as well. The base Defender 90 climbs $1,600 to $49,050 (the 110's base price of $51,850 remains the same) and some other tweaks were made across the lineup. There are also new models available besides the V8 for 2022. The Defender 90 range expands from just four models to eight, with the "First Edition" being scrapped and new X-Dynamic S, SE and HSE models (all powered by the 395-horsepower inline-six) being added.

The 110 lineup was similarly expanded, going from just three variants to nine. It also picks up X-Dynamic and SE and HSE models, along with a unique XS Edition (also based on the inline-six) that includes some dress-up elements. Land Rover clarified that this model is exclusive to the 110; earlier reports suggested that it was also available on the Defender 90.

We didn't expect to see these numbers so soon. As we hinted at when the V8 was introduced on Wednesday, Land Rover has had a heck of a time getting the Defender into U.S. inventories thanks to the uncertainties and disruptions of both the COVID pandemic and UK's Brexit struggles.

The Defender V8 will have some competition on the domestic front straight away thanks to Jeep, which announced Wednesday (no coincidence, we're certain) that its 2021 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Launch Edition will start at $74,995 (incl. $1,495 for destination). That might be a tough pill to swallow for buyers who simply want a V8 in their off-road SUV, especially when you consider that the Jeep is expected to have a performance edge over its distant British cousin-several-times-removed, but we suspect that the faithful won't be swayed either way.

2022 Land Rover Defender 90 V8

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2022 Land Rover Defender 110 V8

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