2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio tweaked outside and in

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Another Stellantis brand has hopped on the streamlining craze, this time Alfa Romeo. The Italians from Turin dropped info on what's coming to the 2023 Giulia sedan and Stelvio crossover for international markets, the best bits likely destined for our market as well. After introducing new brand hallmarks on the Tonale, the Giulia and Stelvio adopt the revised Trilobo grille and three-section full-LED headlights. You'll need look closely to see the grille differences, but there's a touch more depth and sculpting around the edges. The headlight changes are easier to spot, the "3+3" inspiration coming from the SZ and Brera, which predate the Tonale. The headlights also come with automatic high beams. Other shores that can have fancy lights get the Adaptive Matrix high beams that automatically adjust beam contours so as not to blind oncoming traffic. Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cleared the mechanics of such lights for use in the U.S. in February of this year, but U.S. laws stipulate a lower maximum brightness than allowed in other markets. We'll see if the matrix system makes it here.

The taillights don't appear to have changed, their covers have. The Giulia gets transparent glass taillight covers, the Stelvio gets smoked glass. There could be some illumination tricks front and back, too. We're used to seeing sequential turn signals in back, spy shots have shown a sequential turn signal pattern in the headlights, and Alfa says there's a "'Welcome and Goodbye' device that turns on every time the driver closes or opens the car."

Every trim features a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel that comes with three themes. The Heritage theme recalls the analogue gauges on vintage Alfas, with some upside down numbers on the analogue-looking speedo, a minimalist tachometer and a digital facsimile of the old school odometer with rolling numbers. Evolved "represents the future of Alfa Romeo design," placing most information in the center, the circular areas at the edges containing sweeping needles for the speedo and tach, but no numbers in the 'dials.' Relaxed puts nearly everything in the center, putting vitals like fuel level and oil temperature at the sides.

Trim levels will be reorganized into two primary levels and two options levels. The basic tiers are Super, the entry-level, and Ti. Super can be optioned with a Sprint Package that adds a measure more sportiness, Ti can be optioned with the Veloce Package that makes the Giulia as sporty as it can get short of the Quadrifoglio.

Until the updated Quadrifoglio trims arrive internationally, a limited edition Competizione trim will take top honors, based on the Veloce and wearing a special Moon Light Gray Matte color. It can be had with any of the gas or diesel engine offered in a market, comes with 21-inch wheels and red brake calipers, stitched leather instrument panel and seats, Harman Kardon audio, privacy glass, an active suspension and the blockchain maintenance log that cannot be altered. It occupies the same space in the lineup as our Giulia Estrema and Stelvio Estrema, with a few changes in design and fitment between them. Our guess is we'll continue with the Estrema since it just got here, but we'll find out when Alfa Romeo lets loose the info for our market.

The 2023 Giulia and Stelvio will be available overseas from February 2023.

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Back to the U.S., the automaker has put the 2023 models on the configurator, so we know the initial pricing changes for the 2023 models. This could go up whenever the refreshed units get here. Every Giulia trim has gone up by $930 bar the Estrema, which is new. The 2023 MSRPs after the $1,595 destination charge are:

  • Giulia Sprint: $45,875

  • Giulia Ti: $48,575

  • Giulia Veloce: $53,835

  • Giulia Estrema: $60,415

On the Stelvio side, every trim has gone up by $1,025 save for the Veloce, which is $3,195 more for reasons we aren't clear on, and the Estrema, which is new. The Stelvio also holds onto its Quadrifoglio trim for now. MSRPs after the $1,595 destination charge are:

  • Stelvio Sprint: $48,170

  • Stelvio Ti: $53,780

  • Stelvo Veloce: $57,420

  • Stelvio Estrema: $61,320

  • Stelvio Quadrifoglio: $89,470

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