23 fashion brands designed by black men and women to bookmark ASAP

Alexis Bennett

This article originally appeared on InStyle.com by Alexis Bennett.

It’s pretty much impossible to walk into a mall and find black-owned fashion brands to shop. Even the fact that we live in the glorious digital age of shopping doesn’t seem to help; discovering black fashion designers is still a major challenge. Sure, I’ve personally come across one or two brands while scrolling through Instagram, conducting Google searches, and have learned about a handful through organizations like Brandice Daniel’s Harlem Fashion Row. But, it’s definitely harder than it should be to find amazing black designers to support—and there aren’t many lists directing people where to make a purchase.

So, to make things a little easier, I’ve rounded up 23 of my absolute favorite black fashion designers. It’s important to me to use my platform as an editor to give these talented people some shine. Keep clicking through discover some of the best up-and-coming labels, ahead, and even get a refresher on the black runway stars while you’re at it.


  • Designer: Jason Rembert
  • Location: New York
  • Price: Available Upon Request
  • Online Retailers: ModaOperandi.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? With only two collections under its belt, Aliètte is already a red-carpet fave for celebs. You may have seen Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Joan Small, and Cardi B breaking necks in the brand’s glamorous designs, which are creations of celebrity stylist Jason Rembert.


  • Designer: Anifa Mvuemba
  • Location: Kensington, MD
  • Price: $59-$150
  • Online Retailers: Hanifa.co
  • What makes the brand stand out?Looking for statement pieces that are high-quality but aren’t ridiculously expensive? Add Hanifa to your bookmarks right now. The brand originally started making custom pieces and specializing in alterations, but now its collections are blowing up on Instagram.

3Pyer Moss

  • Designer: Kerby Jean-Raymond
  • Location: New York
  • Price: $70-$1,500
  • Online Retailer: ModaOperandi.com, Ssense.com, and PyerMoss.com.
  • What makes the brand stand out? You’ll find ’90s nostalgia and hip-hop influences throughout Pyer Moss’s designs. The brand also incorporates activism into its overall identity, with powerful runway presentations that speak to the political and socio-economic climate.

4Nubian Skin

  • Designer: Ade Hassan
  • Location: London
  • Price: $14-$135
  • Online Retailers: ASOS.com and Nubian Skin
  • What makes the brand stand out? Here’s one of the first brands to recognize that nude means more than just beige. Brown skin girls will fall in love with these multi-tone tights, lingerie, and bodysuits.

5Andrea Iyamah

  • Designer: Dumebi Iyamah
  • Location: Ontario
  • Price: $49-$580
  • Online Retailers: Garmentory.com and AndreaIyamah.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Swimwear designed with African culture in mind made this brand a popular hit on the ‘gram, but Andrea Iyamah creates beautiful ready-to-wear and custom dresses as well.


  • Designer: Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece
  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Price: $395-$675
  • Online Retailers: Garmentory.com and Ashya.co
  • What makes the brand stand out? This is where you’ll find the chicest collection of belt bags around (even Beyoncé’s into them). Grab one for your next getaway or make it your everyday option. Either way, it’s a stylish way to free up your hands while on the go.

7Stella Jean

  • Designer: Stella Jean
  • Location: Rome
  • Price: $119-$1,485
  • Online Retailers: Shopbop.com, TheOutnet.comStellaJean.it, and more
  • What makes the brand stand out? Stella Jean’s clothes are a reflection of Creole heritage and are all about having fun. Bright, playful patterns decorate laid-back-yet-polished blouses, daytime dresses, and chic shorts.

8Brother Vellies

Designer: Aurora James
Location: New York City
Price: $95-$1,350
Online Retailers:  Shopbop.com, Farfetch.comBrotherVellies.com, and more
What makes the brand stand out? Remember those iconic boots from Queen and Slim? Yep, those were Brother Vellies. This eco-friendly brand creates accessories with intricate designs handmade in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Morocco.



  • Designer: Carly Cushnie
  • Location: New York City
  • Price: $80-$10,255
  • Online Retailers: Shopbop.com, Net-a-Porter.com, Cushnie.com, and more
  • What makes the brand stand out? Cushnie became known for its sleek and sexy dresses decked with eye-catching cutouts. But the line has now evolved into a full-range brand with intricate designs that will fit into every part of your life. Some celeb fans include Kerry Washington, Jada Pinkett Smith, and LaLa Anthony.

11Salone Monet

  • Designer: Salone Monet Johnson
  • Location: New York
  • Price: $295 – $405
  • Online Retailers: SaloneMonet.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Salone Monet specializes in creating classic heels that are available in up to six skin-tone shades. You might have see a pair of these brown sandals on Beyoncé’s feet. And, by the way, these luxurious items were made in Italy.

12Milano di Rouge

  • Designer: Milan Harris
  • Location: Philadelphia
  • Price: $35 – $300
  • Online Retailers: MilanodiRougue.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Milano di Rogue has mastered the art of sexy athleisure, mixing comfy pieces with feminine silhouettes. Plus, the brand’s bold logo-emblazoned designs are a favorite among the fashion crowd.

13Romeo Hunte New York

  • Designer: Romeo Hunte
  • Location: New York
  • Price: $150-$8,000
  • Online Retailers: RomeoHunte.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Hunte is king of creating outerwear that perfectly mixes feminine with masculine. You might also find a variety of cool-girl denim designs and everyday styles for the fashion-forward guy while perusing.

14Undra Celeste

  • Designer: Undra Celeste
  • Location: New York
  • Price: $95-$350
  • Online Retailers: HarlemFashionRow.com and UndraCelesteNY.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Looking for contemporary pieces that will effortlessly work into your busy lifestyle? Undra Celeste is the answer, creating versatile dresses, chic sweatshirts, and stand-out skirts for an affordable price.


  • Designer: Virgil Abloh
  • Location: Milan
  • Price: $80-$10,255
  • Online RetailersNet-a-Porter.com, Nordstrom.com, Off—White.com, and more
  • What makes the brand stand out? The list of A-listers wearing Virgil Abloh’s designs keeps getting bigger—and we can see why. Off-White designs speak to the culture with a laid-back ease that manages to feel both effortless and carefully selected all at once.


  • Designer: Keresse Dorcely
  • Location: New Jersey
  • Price: $30-$500
  • Online Retailers: Six20style.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Six/20’s creations are a sportswear-meets-business dream, with a hint of glam. The brand also is working towards decreasing the amount of waste the fashion industry is responsible for by creating cool headbands from leftover scraps.

17LaQuan Smith

  • Designer: LaQuan Smith
  • Location: NYC
  • Price: $190-$2,00
  • Online Retailers: Fwrd.comLaQuanSmith.com, and more.
  • What makes the brand stand out? Who’s the designer all of your favorite celebs turn to for sexy, eye-catching outfits? LaQuan Smith, of course. The young star has built an internationally recognizable brand from the ground up, and has also collaborated with major retailers like ASOS.


  • Designer: Liya Kebede
  • Location: Africa
  • Price: $20-$525
  • Online Retailers: Verishop.com, Bloomingdales.comLemlem.com, and more
  • What makes the brand stand out? Made in Africa, Lemlem, founded by supermodel Liya Kebede, focuses on creating jobs all across the continent. The soft, cozy, cotton pieces from the main collection are handwoven in Ethiopia.

19Want les Essentiels

  • Designer: Byron and Dexter Peart
  • Location: Montreal
  • Price: $45-$1,595
  • Online Retailers: Shopbop.com, ModaOperandi.comWantlesEssentiels.com, and more
  • What makes the brand stand out? Want to travel in style? This label — known for creating sleek luggage, duffel bags, and gadgets at reasonable price points—is one you should keep on your radar.

20Maki Oh

  • Designer: Maki Osakwe
  • Location: Africa
  • Price: $860-$1,035
  • Online Retailers: Makioh.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Lupita Nyong’o and Solange Knowles are just two celebrities who have this brand in their closets. At Maki Oh, you’ll find items that mix traditional Nigerian-textile influence with contemporary styles.

21Duro Olowu

  • Designer: Duro Olowu
  • Location: London
  • Price: $595-$2,664
  • Online Retailers: Farfetch.comDuroOlowu.com, and more
  • What makes the brand stand out? Olowu’s collection is filled with feminine designs that include prints placed on tailored suiting, dresses, and more. Oh, and you might have spotted his work on Michelle Obama a couple of times.

22Wales Bonner

  • Designer: Grace Wales Bonner
  • Location: London
  • Price: $433-$2,694
  • Online Retailers: Net-a-Porter.com and WalesBonner.net
  • What makes the brand stand out? Wales Bonner is a need-to-know brand that has already mastered the art of perfectly tailored menswear—and now, its venturing into the women’s side of the market. Be sure to check its website for the ultimate finery, from tops to blazers to utterly impeccable pants.

23Mint Swim

  • Designer: Draya Michele
  • Location: California
  • Price: $18-$105
  • Online Retailers: Mint-Swim.com
  • What makes the brand stand out? Looking for a unique swimsuit that will really stand out on social media? Mint Swim is your best bet, with its unexpected cutouts and attention-grabbing fabrics, all of which are available in a decent range of sizes.