25 Cebu City cops suspected of having coronavirus

THE second floor of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) at Camp Sotero Cabahug was placed on lockdown after 25 police personnel working there were found to be positive for infection during a rapid test.

Police Colonel Cedric Earl Tamayo, acting CCPO director, said the 25 personnel were immediately tested after a police official assigned at their floor was found positive for coronavirus during a swab test.

The 25 police personnel and the police official are currently in isolation.

Health personnel have also started conducting contact tracing on the close contacts of the 25 police personnel so that they can be tested and isolated as well.

Tamayo said they decided to lockdown the CCPO's second floor as 14 police personnel were in close contact with the 25 officers.

The 14 police personnel are now in isolation in an adjacent floor of the building.

Despite the lockdown, Tamayo assured their usual transactions will continue, such as the issuance of police clearance, but clients must observe strict social distancing. (BBT)