2GO travel opens passengers’ lounge

2GO Travel has recently launched The Hub @ kilometer zero, a luxurious dining and relaxation lounge for 2GO Travel passengers traveling in groups or those in cabin or stateroom accommodation.

Located at the Bulwagan ng Kagitingan, Rizal Park, Luneta, Manila, The Hub has been designed to pamper 2GO Travel's passengers and give them a sampling of the luxury aboard the carrier's newest cruise ships.

The Hub is a spacious facility with handsome and comfortable lounge chairs, plush satellite seating and a bar that offers a variety of refreshments.

Glass walls afford guests an unimpeded view of the surrounding greenery. Just a stone's throw away is the actual spot where National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was executed in 1896.

Adjoining the lounge area is a café restaurant serving an array of dishes to tickle the palates of guests run by Negrense, the culinary and restaurant management team that operates the dining facilities of 2GO Travel's passenger vessels.

The menu offers the same gourmet treats, which passengers on board will enjoy while taking pleasure in the cruise to their destinations.

From The Hub, passengers also get a special free shuttle that will transport them to the ship before boarding time.

"Our ultimate objective is to make traveling by sea more memorable, more hip and more fun," said Stephen Tagud, 2Go Travel vice president and chief commercial officer for passage business.

"For years, traveling by sea has been an unpleasant experience for many Filipinos who chose to travel through cheaper means. They rode old, messy vessels with little amenities," said Tagud. (EHL)