3 Best Credit Cards for Movies in Singapore

Ryan Ong

I’m no longer allowed to watch Saw sequels and Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes. Not since my detailed critique of those movies resulted in half the dinner guests retching on the foie gras. But while they may have confiscated my wallet, and my release documents from the asylum, I’ve still got my credit cards. Here are three of the best cards in Singapore (for movie deals):



1. Standard Chartered Manhattan $500 Card



The Manhattan $500 card is the little brother of the Manhattan Platinum. It’s aimed at students, young working adults, and anyone who writes “sometimes” in the salary column. It’s movie deals for poor people is what I’m saying. Some obvious benefits are:

  • Easy to qualify. You just need to be 18 years old, with an income of $18,000 a year.
  • Lowest annual fee ever ($30), and the first year is waived.
  • One-for-one movie deal
  • Free entry to Velvet Underground

The Manhattan $500 card has one-for-one movie deals at Cathay cinemas. This happens on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), which is an ideal time for most of us anyway. To get the deal, you have to be one of the first 20 people to flash the card.

Fortunately, there aren’t 200 sweaty bodies rushing up to flash it. I also suspect the “first 20 people” thing is hype, since one of my friends has purportedly never failed to get the deal. Then again, she’s turns up for early showings.

As an added benefit to movies, this card gives you free entry to Velvet Underground, with one free drink. There’s also a 0.25 % cashback, which is kind of “meh”. If you’re having trouble qualifying for a first credit card, try this one.


2. HSBC Revolution Credit Card


HSBC Revolutionis one of the more versatile cards on the market. In fact, one of its drawbacks is its range: it’s not really meant for anything specific. It’s probably just coincidence that it stacks multiple movie related deals. Some likeable traits are:

  • Monthly one-for-one movie deals
  • Deals extend to the snack counter
  • Free movie ticket deal

The movie deal is applicable at Golden Village only. Every month, you get a one-for-one deal. And if you charge $300 to the card, you get a free movie ticket the following month. Accumulate 1800 reward points on the card (corresponds to $1800), and you get yet another free movie ticket.

Though come to think of it, that isn’t so much a “free” movie ticket. It’s a damned expensive one.

And if you hate your arteries, clog them with the card’s popcorn deal. It’s $6.50 for a Popcorn Combo, instead of the usual $7.60.


3. DBS Live Fresh



The DBS Live Fresh card is a lifestyle card, despite having a name that suggests it’s the preferred card in fish markets everywhere. Apart from the expected shopping and dining bonuses, it’s also got great movie deals. Everything you need to potentially bankrupt you in one wild weekend is coded on this piece of plastic:

  • Free movie ticket reward
  • Cheap movie ticket deals
  • Snack bar deals
  • Too many shopping deals

The movie deals apply at Golden Village. Tickets are $6.50 on weekdays, and $8.50 on weekends. That’s about a dollar cheaper than usual. If you only watch movies once a month, try the other two cards on this list. But if you watch every movie the moment it comes out, then get this card instead.

The reward scheme also has a free movie ticket option. That comes with 400 DBS Points, or about $2000 charged to the card over time.

For snack deals, you can get a Fresh Combo at $7, instead of $11.60. That’s one large popcorn, two regular Cokes, and three ways to up your blood-calorie count.

This card also has one of the biggest range of participating store outlets. Great for shopping in between movies.

To get these cards, visit SmartCredit.sg. This free-to-use website lets you compare different credit cards in Singapore, and apply directly for the cards you want. From the main page, select “entertainment” from the categories menu. This will display available entertainment cards from all local banks, including the three on this list. Drag and drop the cards onto the comparison menu, and you can do one-to-one comparisons on their different rewards and benefits. When you’re ready, click “apply” and you can get the card straight through SmartCredit.

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