3 cops facing rape accusations present evidence to prove innocence

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THE three police officers of the San Fernando Police Station in southern Cebu have presented evidence, a security camera footage, that belies the rape accusation hurled against them by a woman.

The video shows the three officers responding to a road incident about the same time when the alleged rape happened. A group of traffic enforcers also said they saw the officers in the area where the road incident occurred.

According to the woman’s complaint, she was raped inside the police station by the three officers at 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 8, 2021.

The location of the security camera that captured the three officers going out of the police station is in the police station, according to the Cebu Police Provincial Office (CPPO) Director Englebert Soriano.

The officers responded to a vehicular collision. They later returned to the police station and they did not do anything that would merit suspicion, Soriano said.

The three police officers were relieved from their posts and their government-issued firearms were confiscated while facing an investigation. They are planning to file counter charges against the complainant and her mother.

Soriano said the CPPO would support the three officers in their legal battle if the investigators would prove the woman’s allegations were fabricated.

The police official said there were other police officers assigned in the two police stations in Cebu Province who were accused by the same woman of raping her inside the stations.

Initial investigation said the woman could have been suffering from a mental-related illness.

The Women and Children Protection Desk of the PRO 7 will ask the woman for a checkup, which would determine if she had been raped. (AYB)

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