3 enforcers sacked, 23 others suspended

3 enforcers sacked, 23 others suspended

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has dismissed three traffic enforcers and suspended 23 others for various offenses, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said yesterday.

The three enforcers – whom Tolentino did not identify – were terminated from the service for extortion, grave misconduct, and gross neglect of duty.

“Let this serve as a serious warning to all our erring personnel. We will continue to eliminate the rotten eggs from our agency,” Tolentino said.

Meanwhile, 23 others were suspended from 15 to 90 days for extortion, questionable issuances of traffic violation receipts, misconduct, grave abuse of authority, insubordination, violation of office rules and failure to attend monthly formations.

Tolentino said 50 more traffic enforcers had been issued stern warnings and reprimands for the same offenses.  Of these, three have been charged, Tolentino said.

According to the MMDA chief, the three erring enforcers were given due process by the MMDA’s administrative and legal departments.

“I am encouraging the public to continue their vigilance and report to us any illegal activities involving our employees, and at the same time appreciate and commend honest and hard-working employees, which comprise the majority,” Tolentino said.