3 more users nailed at City Hall

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THREE more Cebu City Hall employees, one casual and two job order workers, failed the surprise drug test conducted recently by the Cebu City Office for Substance and Abuse Prevention (Cosap).

The three employees, attached to the Local School Board, were an addition to the list of City Hall workers found positive for drug use—three from the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office and one from Cebu City Transportation Office.

Also, 16 workers from four barangays failed the surprise drug test—four garbage loaders and three tanods of Sambag 1; a health worker and three waterworks unit workers of Kalunasan; a garbage loader and a Lupon Tagapamayapa member of Ermita; and three workers of Hipodromo.

As of Nov. 5, 2020, there had already been 23 workers, both from the barangays and City Hall, who failed the drug tests.

Cosap head Jonah John Rodriguez said the results are still subject to confirmatory tests in a Manila laboratory.


Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella said all the casual and job order workers who failed the drug tests will be fired immediately.

He also suggested to the village chiefs to dismiss their workers who failed the drug tests.

Labella said only the regular employees can stay longer as they will be afforded due process in which they are given a chance to answer. But there is no guarantee they can keep their positions, he said.

“They have no business in the government because there is a requirement in the Civil Service Law that those who are in the government should be mentally and physically healthy,” said Labella.


Sambag 1 Barangay Captain Aileen Guardo said the Barangay Council will discuss during its session on Friday, Nov. 6, the actions to be taken against the individuals who tested positive for drug use.

Guardo said the involved workers will be possibly advised not to return to work anymore.

Before the Cosap conducted the surprise drug tests, the village chiefs had made a pronouncement to dismiss immediately their workers who will fail.

Rodriguez urged the village chiefs to enroll the drug-using workers to the Cosap’s rehabilitation program for treatment. (JJL)