3 reasons why one should try to make Crème Brûlée at home

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We are most exposed to rice cakes, and then sugary products. Sometimes, we treat ourselves to fresh fruits in season, or the occasional donut or pretzel when we’re craving for something sweet while inside the mall.

The chocolate lava cake has dominated dessert plates in fancy restaurants, and sometimes, the tiramisu makes a most-welcome appearance.

For a nation fueled by rice and sugar, experiencing a moment with the Trinity cream—or more popularly known as Crème Brûlée—is both a learning and satisfying experience.

Generally speaking, all it takes to make crème brûlée are eggs, cream, sugar, and vanilla. There’s a bit of a learning curve as to the actual procedure but with practice and careful attention to detail, anybody can make the “Crema Catalana” (another nickname)!

We recently celebrated Crème Brûlée Day. Indulge yourself a little bit in this ironically complex yet simple dessert that boasts a battle of textures in your mouth.

Here are three reasons why one should try making crème brûlée at home:

The ingredients are easy to find

It’s almost impossible to have any of these ingredients missing during a trip to your nearest grocery! Eggs, cream, vanilla and sugar are all you need really. Pro tip: Order a few ramekins ahead of time. You will need these specialized baking dishes for making crème brûlée in particular.

It looks fancy but is actually easy to make

Are you having guests over the weekend? Do you aim to impress a special someone with your culinary skills? Fret not! The crème brûlée is a perfect option for dessert. It’s light and sweet. It looks good and has different textures. It’s easy to make, too! Just check out the hundreds of recipes online and pick the best one for you.

There are recipes that do not require a torch

Don’t be intimidated by the fiery display of torches you see on YouTube when people are showing how they’re making their crème brûlée. There are no-torch recipes online that still give you that crisp, caramelized top layer! Probably the most challenging part is needing an oven; however, using an air fryer is also an option!

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