3 standout dishes from Seda’s ‘Night in Napoli’

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On July 29, Seda Hotel Ayala Center Cebu celebrated a “Night In Napoli” by the poolside. The Italian-themed gathering highlighted Pizza Therapy’s Chef Nico Rivera and featured a few dishes from Pili & Pino. While the menu was rich with hearty Italian dishes, there were three that stood out: The Aglio Olio, the treats from the charcuterie board, and of course, the pizzas.

The Aglio Olio

The aglio Olio is a signature staple in Italian cuisine. The creation of this pasta dish varies but it always contains a special olive oil that can distinguish it from the rest. Everyone loves a good aglio olio because it just fills the stomach easily, and some of it overflows to the soul, which can never go wrong. They say the right pasta can give longer life, the night was certainly long when it came to enjoying the dishes served by Seda’s Night in Napoli.

The charcuterie board

The charcuterie board is made to enjoy with friends and loved ones. A charcuterie is basically a compilation of cured meats, cheeses, graham crackers, olives and fruits. Also, the design matters on the board, and it’s about finding the balance between fit and function. Seda’s “Night in Napoli” designed its charcuterie board simply, and because it was a desirable design, it added subtle hues of magnificence. More importantly, the charcuterie board grabbed the guests’ attention, as it had just about all the best cheeses one can think of.

The pizzas

A pizza is a dish made with dough, cheese, pineapple (don’t attack me), tomatoes, vegetables, and so much more! To say that the pizza was amazing is an understatement, during the whole process of the pizza creation we see the attention to detail of chef Nico Rivera and his partner. The pizzas were widely favored by the guests, as it offered the most variety.

As the host asked the guests what their favorite flavor of the pizza was, the guests seemed to scream in unison at the top of their lungs saying, “Four Cheese!” The guests then mentioned their second favorite was the chef himself. Do with that information as you will.

Head on over to Seda Ayala Center Cebu and try these dishes, and more.