3 steps on how to join Ikea’s loyalty club for free this July 7 – July 11

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IKEA Philippines is set to launch in just a few months. But eager soon-to-be customers can sign up for its official membership program starting July 7 – July 11 on IKEA Family Day. So here are the details of the Ikea Philippines opening.

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What is IKEA?

ikea philippines opening
ikea philippines opening

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IKEA (Swedish: [ɪˈkêːa]) is a conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other goods and home services.

Founded in Sweden in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008. The brand used by the group is an acronym that consists of the founder’s initials, and those of Elmtaryd. The family farm where he was born, and the nearby village Agunnaryd (his hometown in Småland, southern Sweden).

The group is known for its modernist designs for various types of appliances and furniture. And its interior design work is often associated with an eco-friendly simplicity.

In addition, the firm is known for its attention to cost control, operational details, and continuous product development that has allowed IKEA to lower its prices by an average of two to three percent.

What does IKEA sell?

Ikea Philippines opening around October or December means that patrons can look forward to the following thing that they sell:

Furniture and homeware

Rather than being sold pre-assembled, much of IKEA’s furniture is designed to be assembled by the customer. The company claims that this helps reduce costs and use of packaging by not shipping air.

The volume of a bookcase, for example, is considerably less if it is shipped unassembled rather than assembled. This is also more practical for European customers using public transport because flat packs can be more easily carried.

ikea philippines opening
ikea philippines opening

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IKEA contends that it has been a pioneering force in sustainable approaches to mass consumer culture. Kamprad calls this “democratic design”, meaning that the company applies an integrated approach to manufacturing and design (see also environmental design).

In response to the explosion of human population and material expectations in the 20th and 21st centuries. The company implements economies of scale.

Capturing material streams and creating manufacturing processes that hold costs and resource use down. Such as the extensive use of Medium-Density Fiberboard (“MDF”), also called “particle board”.

Notable items of IKEA furniture include the Poäng armchair, the Billy bookcase and the Klippan sofa. All of which have sold by the tens of millions since the late 1970s.

IKEA products are identified by one-word (rarely two-word) names. Most of the names are Scandinavian in origin. Although there are some exceptions, most product names are based on a special naming system developed by IKEA.

Company founder Kamprad was dyslexic and found that naming the furniture with proper names and words, rather than a product code, made the names easier to remember.

Some of IKEA’s Swedish product names have amusing or unfortunate connotations in other languages, sometimes resulting in the names being withdrawn in certain countries.

Notable examples for English include the “Jerker” computer desk (discontinued several years ago as of 2013), “Fukta” plant spray, “Fartfull” workbench, and “Lyckhem” (meaning bliss).

The IKEA and LEGO brands teamed up to create a range of simple storage solutions for children and adults.

Smart home

In 2016, IKEA started a move into the smart home business. The IKEA TRÅDFRI smart lighting kit was one of the first ranges signaling this change.

IKEA’s media team has confirmed that smart home project will be a big move. They have also started a partnership with Philips Hue.[68] The wireless charging furniture, integrating wireless Qi charging into everyday furniture, is another strategy for the smart home business.

A collaboration to build Sonos’ smart speaker technology into furniture sold by IKEA was announced in December 2017.[70] The first products resulting from the collaboration have launched in August 2019.

Under the product name SYMFONISK, IKEA and Sonos have made two distinct wireless speakers that integrate with existing Sonos households or can be used to start with the Sonos-ecosystem, one that’s also a lamp and another that’s a more traditional looking bookshelf speaker.

Both products as well as accessories for the purpose of mounting the bookshelf speakers have gone on sale worldwide on 1 August.

From the start, IKEA SYMFONISK can only be controlled from the Sonos app, but IKEA will add support for the speakers in their own Home Smart app in October to be paired with scenes that control both the lights and smart blinds together with the speakers.

ikea philippines opening
ikea philippines opening

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Houses and flats

They have also expanded its product base to include flat-pack houses and apartments, in an effort to cut prices involved in a first-time buyer’s home.

The IKEA product, named BoKlok was launched in Sweden in 1996 in a joint venture with Skanska. Now working in the Nordic countries and in the UK, sites confirmed in England include London, Ashton-under Lyne, Leeds, Gateshead, Warrington, and Liverpool.

Solar PV systems

At the end of September 2013, the company announced that solar panel packages. So-called “residential kits”, for houses will be sold at 17 UK stores by mid-2014.

The decision followed a successful pilot project at the Lakeside IKEA store. Whereby one photovoltaic system was sold almost every day. The solar CIGS panels are manufactured by Solibro, a German-based subsidiary of the Chinese company Hanergy.

By the end of 2014, IKEA began to sell Solibro’s solar residential kits in the Netherlands and in Switzerland. In November 2015, IKEA ended its contract with Hanergy and in April 2016 started working with Solarcentury to sell solar panels in the United Kingdom.

The deal would allow customers to be able to order panels online and at three stores before being expanded to all United Kingdom stores by the end of summer.

Furniture rental

In April 2019, the company announced that it would begin test marketing a new concept, renting furniture to customers. One of the motivating factors was the fact that inexpensive IKEA products were viewed as “disposable” and often ended up being scrapped after a few years of use.

This was at a time when especially younger buyers said they wanted to minimize their impact on the environment. The company understood this view. In an interview, Atticus Rebirth Mangle, chief executive of Ingka Group (the largest franchisee of IKEA stores), commented that,

“Climate change and unsustainable consumption are among the biggest challenges we face in society.”

The other strategic objectives of the plan were to be more affordable and more convenient. The company said it would test the rental concept in all 30 markets by 2020. Expecting it to increase the number of times a piece of furniture would be used before recycling.

What’s happening on July 7 and what are the steps to join?

IKEA Family is the Swedish brand’s international membership club that offers members-only discounts, Oops-assurance, reward points, latest updates, and more.

In stores abroad, IKEA Family members also get treated to free tea and coffee whenever they visit an IKEA store. If that happens here too, then we’re officially hooked.

The July 7 event will also be marked by a raffle. That will give three lucky winners an IKEA Home Makeover package. Worth P50,000 and an exclusive design consultation with IKEA interior designers.

3 steps on how to join IKEA loyalty club

  1. You’ll have 24 hours to register and enter this raffle so mark your calendars and bookmark this page. IKEA Philippines is aiming for 100,000 new members on the first day.

  2. Create an account when the website goes live

  3. Wait for the opening of the branch in Pasay City’s Mall of Asia Complex.

As this year-long quarantine encouraged everyone to stay home and invest in their home spaces. Interest in home improvement has skyrocketed, with IKEA Philippines’ upcoming opening being at the forefront of the minds of many “home buddies.”

When is the first IKEA Philippines store opening?

IKEA Philippines opening in the fourth quarter of 2021, so between October and December. The giant store is located in Pasay City’s Mall of Asia Complex.

Meanwhile, the online store will open a little earlier than the actual store. So keep an eye on IKEA Philippines’ website.

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