34 Covid-19 patients released from Cebu City Quarantine Center

THIRTY-FOUR Covid-19 patients admitted at the Cebu City Quarantine Center (CCQC) in the North Reclamation Area have been released after they have been cleared of the disease after two weeks of confinement.

Most of the patients who were released from the CCQC showed mild to moderate symptoms of Covid-19.

Yvonne Cania, CCQC administrator, said with the release of the 34 patients, only 29 patients remain at the facility.

“The first batch of Covid-hit individuals, composed of 20 males and 14 females for a total of 34, was discharged from the Cebu City Quarantine Center, the city’s state-of-the-art facility, and was officially declared Covid-free,” Cania said.

Just before they were released, the patients were given around 25 kilos of rice courtesy of the Cebu City government, and a certificate attesting that they have fully recovered from Covid-19.

The patients were admitted at the CCQC without paying a cent, Cania added.

She said: “This is after serving more than 14 quarantine days inside the isolation ward, eliminating any chances of transmission. During their stay, they were given basic provisions including medications, food and convenient sleeping cubicles.”

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella earlier ordered the construction of CCQC that would serve as a negative pressure facility for Covid-19 patients.

The facility can accommodate at least 166 patients.

The CCQC cost around P50 million to construct. (PAC, JKV)