34 parents arrested in Manila after kids violate lockdown rules

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At least 34 parents of children who allegedly violated quarantine rules were arrested by the Manila Police District yesterday.

The parents were residents of several areas in Manila, including villages 50 to 53, 55, to 56, 61, 221, 228.

“These parents must be taught how to discipline their children,” Mayor Isko Moreno said in a statement.

Moreno also said that child neglect, which supposedly happened when the minors broke quarantine rules, is a violation of the city’s Anti-Child Endangerment Act. If found guilty, those arrested will be penalized with a PHP5,000 (US$101) fine and up to six months imprisonment.

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Manila is currently under general community quarantine, which prohibits residents below 21 years old from leaving their homes.

Moreno said he has to implement the law to keep the order in Manila. He added that the arrested parents even allowed their children to leave their homes without face masks during curfew hours.

“We’re not happy about it. I am not happy. I don’t want to separate children from their parents. But I will do that if you’re irresponsible parents,” he said.

“I will intervene as [a] government [official] to take care of our children or minors. That is also the job of the government, to intervene,” he added,” Moreno added

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To date, Manila has 4,256 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 137 deaths, and 1,502 recoveries.

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