360 bike lane violators arrested in Mandaue

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THE Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) has apprehended 360 bike lane violators since January 2021.

Team executive director Edwin Anthony Jumao-as told SunStar Cebu that most of these bike lane violators are motorcycles.

Since February 2021, the Team has strictly enforced the traffic rules and regulations in the city, particularly apprehending bike lane violators, said Jumao-as.

Every day the Team enforcers conduct random operations during peak hours, from 6 to 8 a.m. and from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Most of the violators were apprehended along A.C. Cortes Ave., U.N. Ave. and Ouano Ave.

Jumao-as said they conduct these random operations to warn motorists that Mandaue City is serious about implementing bike lane rules to protect cyclists.

It has been nine months since Mandaue City installed bike lanes in its main thoroughfares, yet Jumao-as said there are still motorists who keep on disrespecting the bike lanes.

He said they have observed that these violators are tempted to pass through the bike lane since it is separate from the congested main lanes.

These violators are commonly in a hurry to go to work, said Jumao-as.

The bike lane violators are issued a citation ticket for being on the wrong lane, with a penalty of P1,000.

Jumao-as said there are also vehicles that violate bike lane guidelines by loading and unloading in front of the plastic bollards of the bike lanes.

Jumao-as said any vehicle, private or public, may load and unload on the shared bike lanes which are the parts without concrete delineators.

Jumao-as said in loading and unloading, the vehicle may stop within the bike lane, giving enough space for the bikers to pass through.

Jumao-as said they will also start to penalize cyclists who don’t use the bike lanes and who violate traffic rules soon.

As they still have to endorse this to the Mandaue City Council, the traffic enforcers will only admonish these cyclists for now. (KFD)