3M Pizza Planning 60 Outlets

Pioneering fast-food chain 3M Pizza, is set to expand its network as the company aims to open more outlets this year.

Emmanuel Sun, co-owner of Three M Golden Pizza Corp., said the com¬pany plans to expand its network from the current 44 to at least about 60 outlets by year-end.

To do this, the company is offering franchise opportunities for Pinoy entrepreneurs who are looking for a time-tested brand and concept.

The first commercialized Filipino pizza that started pizza kiosks in the country way back in 1969, 3M Pizza is a well-loved pizza brand for many baby boomers as it was part of their youth.

In addition to Sun, the revitalized 3M Pizza is led by Dean Edmund Calleja, Duke B. Sage, Jr., Edmund Del Rosario, Roy Francis Taala, all of whom grew up with fond memories of eating 3M Pizza Pie.

Sun said 3M Pizza is a very franchiseable enterprise since the brand already has a very good name recall and attractive revenue prospect. Sun said compared with another Pinoy pizza brand, 3M Pizza's prices are a bit lower.

Average return on investment is just 18 months although Sun said one of their franchisees posted an ROI in just four months. Perfect sites for 3M Pizza outlets are high traffic commercial areas such as malls, hypermarkets, food courts, and other sites considered as business, residential or village hubs.

Target franchisees, Sun said, are those who are innately innovative, driven and are not afraid to go hands-on in moving forward their business.

Three franchise opportunities are on offer: the cart type for 4 to 6 square meter spaces, the booth type for 6 to 10 square meters; and the basic sit-in setup which requires a minimum of 10 square meters. The investment includes use of 3M Pizza trademark, name and logo, pre-opening and start-up assistance, site selection and eval¬uation assistance, standard 3M Pizza architectural design, comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual, training on fast-food management, operations and services as well as customer service and other practiced management principles, guidance and training on use of standardized formats and accounting procedures, initial inventory, marketing collaterals, uniforms, equipment and utensils.

Sun revealed that the company is finalizing talks with a logistics provider that can deliver inventory to franchisees.

He said this will be very helpful to prospective franchisees in the Visayas and Mindanao as they will not have to personally obtain their supply in the company's headquarters located in New Manila, Quezon City.

Sun said 3M Pizza's central commissary, which is also located within the company's headquarters, can still accommodate additional franchisee growth. The company plans to even¬tually put up another commissary in Visayas to accommodate potential business partners down south.

The company also plans to offer new pizzas inspired by Filipino dishes, one of which is the spicy Bicol Express which proved to be a big hit. The pasta line will also be expanded to include new variants that will be uniquely Filipino.

A prototype concept full-sized store is also in the works that will offer meal packages as well as crispy and spicy fried chicken, an expanded drinks menu and even sweet dessert pizza concoctions.