4 Chinese with fake Paraguay passports intercepted at NAIA – BI

Robie de Guzman

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Tuesday said it has intercepted four Chinese nationals at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for attempting to enter the country with fake Paraguayan passports.

The BI said the foreigners were stopped at the NAIA Terminal 3 last November 18 upon their arrival from Dubai.

The bureau identified the travelers as Chen Zhijian, Wang Wenjie, Wang Anding, and Wang Mingdi.

The male travelers caught the suspicion of immigration officials when they presented Paraguay passports but were unable to converse even in basic Spanish, which is the language used in Paraguay.

The bureau added that the four also failed to show any other identification documents proving their citizenship in Paraguay.

Examinations conducted by the BI’s forensic documents laboratory confirmed that said Paraguayan passports were all counterfeit.

The BI said that the foreigners later confessed their true nationality and surrendered the Chinese passports which were hidden in their luggage.

The bureau said that three of the travelers were immediately issued exclusion orders and were sent home on the first available flight.

The other foreigner was turned over to the BI’s Legal Division for the initiation of deportation proceedings after he was found to have a valid special retiree’s resident visa

“All four shall be included in the BI’s blacklist to prevent them from re-entering the Philippines,” the BI said.

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