4 dogs unleashed to help wanted person elude arrest

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A DOG is said to be a man’s best friend as one of its characteristics is loyalty—it protects its human master in trouble.

In Toledo City, Cebu past Sunday noon on July 17, 2022, a tale of canine loyalty happened: Four dogs, all of local breed, were unleashed to keep police officers from arresting their owner who had a pending warrant of arrest for cutting trees without permits, a violation under Presidential Decree 705.

One of the three Toledo City police officers, Police Staff Sergeant Benjamin Engaling, was bitten by one of the dogs during the chase of the wanted person—Vincent Alegado Espinosa.

Before Engaling was bitten, the police officer had accompanied Police Staff Sergeant Franklin Jaranilla, the Toledo City police warrant server, and Police Staff Sergeant Ivan Lloyd Nillas Carvellida.

The police officers arrived in Purok 11, Barangay Bunga past 12 p.m. to serve the warrant of arrest issued by Toledo City Regional Trial Court Judge Judelyn Hugo Tapia Menchavez against Espinosa.

Rechie Candilada Secretaria, Espinosa’s live-in partner, was the first to notice the presence of the police officers.

About 10 meters from the couple’s house, the police officers heard Secretaria shout, “Dagan kay naay pulis (Run, there are police officers)!”

Espinosa ran. As the police officers were unable to chase after him, they had gone after Secretaria who also ran.

Noticing the police officers nearing her, Secretaria reportedly unleashed her four dogs. The couple’s canines attacked the police officers; Engaling was bitten in the right calf, as he was right in front of Jaranilla and Carvellida.

The police officers were cornered by the dogs; to keep the canines from attacking them, Jaranilla said they picked up pieces of wood to scare the dogs. They were able to arrest Secretaria, 30, and they will press charges against her for obstruction of justice.

“Kami wala nay nahimo pagsikop sa wanted kay nagkuha na lang mig kahoy aron dili makaduol namong iro (We failed to arrest the wanted person because we still had to keep the dogs at bay by waving pieces of wood at them),” Jaranilla said.

The police officers caught the dog that bit Engaling and they leashed it. They failed to capture the three other dogs.

After arresting Secretaria, Engaling was brought to a hospital for treatment.

“The woman unleashed the dogs on purpose because she knew her partner was about to be arrested,” Jaranilla said in Cebuano.

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