4 Laguna motorcycle dealers still missing

Four motorcycle dealers from Calamba, Laguna have been missing for 5 days now, according a GMA News' "24 Oras" report on Monday.

The four — Cage Flores, Allan Atienza, John George Flores and Percy Arinal — left Calamba to meet a client for their motorcycle buy-and-sell business on April 11, 2011 near the Laguna-Batangas boundary.

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The area, known to locals as "Parteng Itaas," is hidden, void of people and known to be the setting of many crimes.

According to the report, the four could no longer be reached through their cellphones.

The case has only one witness, RJ Dimaculangan, who was supposed to come with the four but backed out because he found the meet-up point too unsafe.

As of this posting, no new developments have been reported by the Calamba City Police Station. — Bea Cupin/VS, GMA News