4 Little Gifts You Can Give The World This Christmas

Tiffany L. Neri

CHRISTMAS has always been a time of caring and sharing with friends, family, and loved ones.

From makeup to books to that newest game out on the Switch—we choose things we think people would want to receive during the Yuletide season.

Little is it really ever thought about, but Christmas could mean so much more if the presents we put an effort in giving reached beyond our comfort circle and outwards to as many people as possible.

There are actually gift options that cost close to nothing but time and a little effort. Below are four presents you can gift the world—that, in its own little way, can definitely reach everyone around you.

1. Pick up trash. When you’re out and about enjoying your Christmas break, try picking up stray trash you see along the way. Whether you’re walking around the beach or taking a stroll down your own neighborhood, when you see that piece of colorful plastic winking at you from a mile away—pick it up and dispose of it in the proper bin. It may seem like a hassle to do but, not only are you making the world a better place, it’s also a very satisfying feeling.

2. Interact with others positively. Throw someone a compliment. Give them a smile. Or even lend them a little more attention when they’re saying something rather than half-heartedly listening while using your phone. You don’t realize how drastically you can change the course of someone’s day and even their outlook in life. You’ll see their face brighten and eyes twinkle—then the warm little fuzzies in your tummy will start creeping in.

3. Follow the rules. If it says push, push—don’t pull. If people are lining up, don’t cut the line. Stand on the right side of the escalator to allow people to walk on the left. Don’t park in the PWD slot. There are quite a lot of rules that many people can’t help but secretly break. Rules were created as guidelines set to be the foundation of behavior and order in society, but if you’re the type who feels like it takes quite some effort to function like a proper citizen—at least give it to the world and do so this Yuletide season. That contribution will mean that there are less people contributing to rudeness in the world and perhaps you’ll come to realize that following the rules not only makes the world a better place—it takes almost no effort at all.

Lastly, be kind. Sometimes, this is something that many people forget to do. In a world that constantly bombards us with so many social issues and criticism, there’s just so much negativity going around. Even in the pursuit to be a social justice warrior and defend certain causes, people often forget to handle it with some etiquette. There’s so much anger and rage to fight for something that people don’t realize when they’re acting like the exact monster they are fighting against. Fighting fire with fire does nothing but make the fire bigger. This actually brings to mind a quote on Facebook I recently stumbled upon which said that if you cannot be kind, be quiet. Like the great Selena Gomez once said, instead—just kill them with kindness.

All satire aside, enjoy this Christmas season and make the most out of the last stretch of 2019. The best gift you can give is, rather than being negative, to see the good in people—especially the good in yourself. Embrace that by living the best life you can and being the best version of you you can be!

Merry Christmas!