4 mayors, vice mayors in Camotes Islands join Team Frasco

ALL four municipalities in Camotes Island are now united under the banner of Team Frasco.

Incumbent officials of San Francisco, Poro, Tudela, and Pilar took their oaths before Deputy Speaker Vincent Franco “Duke” Frasco and signified their allegiance to the team and the principles of good governance.

Witnessing the oathtaking were Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco and Liloan Mayor Aljew Frasco.

Previously, the officials also took their oath with One Cebu before Governor Gwen Garcia.

Taking their oath were San Francisco Mayor Al Arquillano and Vice Mayor Aly Arquillano, Tudela Mayor Jojo Solante and Vice Mayor Erwin Yu, Poro Mayor Gary Rama and Vice Mayor Dina Rama, Pilar Mayor Winky Santiago and Vice Mayor Chiziline Maratas.

When Frasco first ran for Congress in 2019, only two of the mayors of the 11 local government units in the Fifth District were with Team Frasco, namely, Liloan and Borbon.

“After having instituted our programs and projects focusing on education, health, and infrastructure that dealt sweeping change across the District, by 2022, six mayors and their local slates won and/or were reelected with Team Frasco,” Frasco said.

With the addition of the Camotes Islands LGUs, 10 of the 11 incumbent officials of the Fifth District are now allied with Team Frasco.

Frasco thanked the people of the Fifth District for their continued support. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to the party members across the district who have been with him since the start and positively responded to the unification of Camotes.

“I am grateful as well to the newest members of Team Frasco who now join us in our cause to bring hope and change to the District after 70 years,” Frasco said.

“With this unprecedented unity, we shall usher in the continued transformation of the Camotes Islands, positively uplifting the lives of the people as we harness its potential to become the tourism gem of Cebu,” added Frasco. (PR)