4 strange and innovative pizzas from Taiwan

Contributor, SEA
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Domino's Taiwan's dango and boba stuffed crust pizza. (Photo: Instagram/ Domino's Taiwan)
Domino's Taiwan's dango and boba stuffed crust pizza. (Photo: Instagram/ Domino's Taiwan)

During the bubble tea craze in 2019, Taiwan’s Pizza Hut and Domino’s came up with boba pizza. Apparently, that is not the last of Taiwan’s peculiar pizzas. Below we list four other extraordinary pizzas created in Taiwan.

1. Dango and boba stuffed crust pizza

Just like how we have oozy mozzarella stuffed crust pizza, Domino’s Taiwan replaced the cheese with shirotama dango (white Japanese rice flour dumpling) and tapioca balls. As with most pizza chains, you can choose from a variety of pizza flavours to go with the stuffed crust.

Essentially, it is a modification from their previous boba pizza. Instead of having the shirotama dango and tapioca balls as the main pizza topping, Domino’s Taiwan has moved them into the crust. In a way, it is the best of both worlds, where you can not only enjoy the usual pizza flavours, but also the chewiness of the sweet balls of goodness.

2. Cauliflower pizza crust

For people who are familiar with the keto diet, this is like a variation of the cauliflower rice. Pizza seems a lot less sinful with less carbohydrates, when the flour that makes pizza dough is replaced by finely chopped cauliflower. According to Domino’s Taiwan, the amount of calories for cauliflower crust is one third of the original crust!

3. Army stew pizza

Who knew army stew could be made into pizza? Well, Pizza Hut Taiwan does! With pork belly, ham, kimchi, instant noodles, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and Korean spicy sauce among the ingredients, they have cleverly transformed the army stew into toppings for their pizza. It may be carbs on carbs, but as long as you can have army stew while also enjoying some doughy pizza, all is good, right?

4. Mala pizza

Riding on the mala Sichuan pepper spice frenzy, Pizza Hut Taiwan has turned the mala spices into pizza sauce. The ingredients feature mainly beef (meat, tendon and tripe), which is typical of the Sichuan mala. Interestingly, Pizza Hut Singapore has their own version of mala pizza too, with chicken chunks, chilli padi, cherry tomatoes and a special mala sauce.

It would be great if local pizza chains could attempt more unusual flavours, especially the sweet, dessert-like ones. If they do, would you be up for the challenge?