5 armed men harass teen son of San Fran VM in Compostela

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THE son of the vice mayor of San Francisco town, Camotes Island was stopped by five armed men in Compostela town on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 15, 2020.

Aly Arquillano Jr. said in a police report that the five armed men reportedly harassed him as he was driving towards Danao City.

Arquillano is the son of San Francisco Vice Mayor Aly Arquillano Sr.

Arquillano told police that he was proceeding towards Danao City when he noticed a black pick-up slowly moving in front of him.

Suddenly, another pick-up truck overtook Arquillano’s vehicle and stopped in front of him.

Five men, wearing black bonnets and carrying high-powered firearms, disembarked from the vehicle.

The five men pointed their guns at Arquillano and ordered him to disembark from his car.

As he left his car, Arquillano was then brought at the back of his car.

One of the five men took Arquillano’s cellular phone while the others were inspecting his car to check if he had another passenger with him.

The five men then returned to their vehicle and fled.

Arquillano said that out of fear, he immediately reported the matter to the police.

Arquillano’s family have yet to determine who the armed men and they are seeking help from the police to determine their identities. / REV / JKV