5 The Bold Type characters you need in your life

Cassandra C. Poculan
·3 min read

Netflix show “The Bold Type” follows the millennial trio Jane Sloan, Kat Edison and Sutton Brady, who all work for a global women’s magazine called “Scarlet” in New York City. The comedy-drama has been well received not just for its relatability as the characters navigate through life, relationships and career, but also for its stance on inclusivity and female empowerment, among others.

Without giving away too much (in case you haven’t seen it yet—you should, by the way!), here are the characters we think anyone would be lucky to have in real life:

A boss like Jacqueline Carlyle

She is every bit the beautiful, strong, fiercely independent and successful woman we can aspire to be. Just when you think you’re about to see another Miranda Priestly making every work day a living hell for her employees, Jacqueline surprises you with her open personality and insightful, almost motherly advice on just about anything you come to her for. She asks how you are and pushes you to give it your best every time and knows exactly how to reward you for your A game.

A mentor like Oliver Grayson

At first, he comes off as unapproachable and one who does not tolerate any slip-up. We can all use a stern figure in our lives like Oliver, who will help us grow professionally. He becomes more likeable though as his assistant Sutton earns his trust and they become friends even outside of work. He also doles out the most sensible advice, be it on life or love.

Friends like Kat, Jane and Sutton

As you grow older, you realize that having a few friends for all seasons trumps having a lot of fair-weather friends any day. Quality over quantity, as they say. We all need friends whom we can be our most authentic selves with, who will be there for us come hell or high water and who will be our biggest cheerleaders but also our voice of reason. They’ll be our emergency contacts and even help fish out that yoni egg if it gets stuck, no questions asked. Even as early as Season 1, everyone can agree that Kat, Jane and Sutton’s friendship is enviable and for keeps.

A colleague like Alex Crawford

Alex is proof that not all male coworkers are predatory and that you can have a purely platonic relationship with a guy and still enjoy it. He’s the guy best friend who will tell you how it is, not sugarcoat it for you. One particularly moving event in the series is when he doesn’t move out of the apartment he shares with Jane even though he could, because Jane just had a life-altering procedure done and he just wants to be there for her.

A life partner like Richard Hunter

He asks you what your dreams are, supports them and encourages you to chase after them, even if that means his would have to take a backseat. It doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes too. Even though he and Sutton are in different stages in their lives, he tries his hardest to make it work and understands that he was once as young as Sutton and was just starting out in his career. He’s also into sweet but not overly grand gestures such as flying to another country or even to another continent to surprise you—yep, not overly grand.